My name is Donny McNitt. You can sort of call me a champion of the Chelation cause. I underwent multiple Chelation therapies 7 years ago for a heart issue. I’m not a doctor or health care professional.

But since undergoing Chelation Therapy, my life has turned around. I’ve never felt better, and more importantly, my heart has gotten a clean bill of health from my doctor. Please keep in mind that I also had to change my lifestyle as well, which included eating better and regular exercise.

But I’m 100% convinced Chelation Therapy works, and I started this blog mostly to inform about Chelation Therapy. But also to talk about ¬†other ways to detoxify your body as well as dietary and exercise tips to help you live the longest life you can.

Please contact me here with comments or questions.


Helping You Understand The Power of Chelation